Is Herbalife a Pyramid Scheme?


Investor and social activist, Bill Ackman asserts Herbalife is not a legitimate company and has created a website with evidence that he says proves his claim that it’s actually a pyramid scheme. Is Herbalife a pyramid scheme?


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Hedge Fund Manager Shorts Alleged Herbalife Pyramid Scheme - Will Herbalife Fall?

In a May 2012 Herbalife conference call, successful hedge fund manager David Einhorn asked some embarrassing questions about Herbalife, which caused its stock (HLF) to drop about 30% in value. Then on December 20, 2012, William Ackman, another prominent hedge fund manager gave a presentation to demonstrate that Herbalife is a pyramid scheme and disclosed that he had invested $1 billion in shorting the stock, with a target price of zero. The stock price dropped significantly before recovering, after other hedge fund managers invested long on the stock, challenging Ackman. Herbalife’s CEO defended the company, claiming it is not a pyramid scheme, but is a legitimate direct selling business. This contest between hedge fund titans over the alleged Herbalife pyramid scheme is a drama seldom seen on Wall Street. Get the facts at




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